Hosting companies are responsible for providing the infrastructure that house website or blog online, which is known as hosting.

Some of the features of this infrastructure include web space, bandwidth, addon domain, email, database, etc they are the things that make it possible for web platforms like website or blog to be seen by anyone with internet from anywhere in the world.

Whether you want to host your first blog, or changing a hosting company or plan, there are some things you should consider before deciding on which hosting company to buy a hosting plan from.

In this post, I will share with you 4 important things you should consider before choosing a hosting company, continue reading to find out.

1. Reliability

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a hosting company is reliability.

Reliability is very important. The ability to always put your site out there on the internet every moment of the day (247) is important.

You don’t want to host your website or blog with a company that its server keep going down all the time (downtime: a period of time that your site is not available online).

You can’t afford to invest money  in promoting  your website or blog to potential  visitors and when they want to visit your website or blog, they end up in a dead link because, your server was down, if that happens web visitor will always feel discouraged to follow through links to your site next time they come across it, that can affect your blog, the growth of your website or blog.

Hosting companies use sophisticated mainframe or minicomputers as a server to house web documents on the web, reliable companies should be able to manage and maintain their server properly and probably have a backup in case of emergency break down.

Hosting factors

The best way to ascertain the reliability of hosting companies is from its current user comments and reviews and FAQ (frequently asked questions) which can be found on social media, their websites, forum or any other platforms.

But you can also enquire from, customer care service of hosting companies what the rate of their downtime and their reliability.

2. Features

You will want to know what features a hosting company offers before making a decision of buying a hosting plan from them.

On a previous post, i explained about some features to look out from hosting companies, you need to consider those features based on the nature of the website or blog you want to host.

Having ideas of the nature and the context of your website or blog is important when it comes to features, the size of documents (text, graphics, pictures, videos etc) that you will be dealing with, the features your website or blog will contain, all these are important things to consider when evaluating the features of a hosting plan.

You can get more information about the plans that hosting company offers, from their customer care services, sales page, website or any of their marketing representatives.

3. Customer care service

Customer care services are very important when considering hosting companies.

When managing hosted websites and blog there are chances that something might go wrong with your server one day, when something like this happens you will be needing help from your hosting service provider to help sort things out for you.

How quick and diligent are your hosting services provider helping you sort issues out? This is one of the questions you have to consider when choosing a hosting company.

Quick response, easy to reach, quality attention; these are some of the things that are important when you are looking f a hosting company.

The channels for communications are also another important thing to consider, some channels most reliable hosting companies offer include email, phone call, message and WhatsApp.

4. Price

Price is another thing to consider, you probably have a budget for your hosting plan, you need to compare prices before deciding on a hosting company.

Most hosting services companies price their plans in monthly and yearly bases.

It’s advisable to put some of the factors mentioned above before considering price when choosing a hosting service provider, you don’t want to get a cheap package without reliable customer service to attend to you when things go wrong or without adequate infrastructure to power the kind of website or blog you want to host.

If you want my pick on hosting service provider i suggest whogohost if you are in Nigeria because of flexible payments method, their pricing is competitive and they are reliable I use them for most of my website hosting, if you are outside Nigeria check out bluehost.

I will be writing an elaborate reviews about hosting companies in the future, you will be notified when it’s published.

I hope this post helps you gain ideas of what to look out for when choosing a hosting service provider.

If you have any question(s) about hosting service provider, Feel free to ask in the comments section.

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