Is any of these you? you have just finished setting up your blog and you want to start publishing post with images, or you have been blogging for a while and have been using random images from every source not minding copyright infringement, or you are a designer but don’t know how to find cool images without getting involved in copyright issues or you don’t have budget for images for your creative works?

If any of the above sound familiar to you, I’m pleased to announce to you that you are on the right side on the internet, because in this post I’m going to share with you how you can get free and paid quality images for your creative works.

If you are into creative works (as a blogger or designer) one of the challenges you might likely face is getting quality images for your works without violating other people’s copyright.

One of the mistakes most people make when looking for images for their creative works is to use Google images.

Made that mistake when I got started with blog, what i used to do then is to head over to Google and type the keywords of the type of image I want, navigate to image menu on Google, scroll through images that appear on search results and download any image that suit my project, I will upload these images straight to my blog without minding who owns the rights to the images.

Actually, Google warns that images on her platform might be subjected to copyright protection, but that could be the last thing I will be thinking of when I don’t have options and in desperate need of images for my post.

But this is the easiest way to violate someone’s copyright.

It’s okay to use google images when you don’t know how to get good quality images, even for free, without violating anyone’s copywriter, but if you have options, please don’t use Google images.

image from google search engine

Warning about an image on Google search

Here are 4 ways (including free and paid sources) to get images without violating copyrights:

1. Buy stock images

You can buy stock images from websites like:

When you buy images from these websites, you will be given the right to use their images personally and commercially.

There are many other websites out there where you can buy stock images. Some of these websites allow for a subscription plan, where you paid a certain amount for a certain period to use their images.

Some of these platforms also allow that you use their image for free but for personal use and with watermarks (their name or logo attached to the image).

There are many reasons you might want to buy stock images, one is when you need a specific type of image for a specific type of project that you can’t find it from other sources.

But if you are just looking for cool images for your creative works and you don’t have budget to throw on images, you can find cool images on creativie common sites.

2. Use Creative Commons images licensed for commercial use

You may want to know who is or what creative commons is.

Creative Commons is just like a charity organization in the creative industry, their major goal is making creative content accessible for free and for all, creative commons are made up of communities of people who have decided to share their best creative works for free.

Individuals are allowed to support the worthy works of the communities through donations, while this donation is always at the user will, users are free to download images licensed by Creative Commons for personal and commercial purposes.

Types of content that are licensed by Creative Commons include images, videos, audio and graphics.

When it comes to images, there are websites that you can find high quality free images.

Also, there are some creative commons image websites that don’t allow you to use their image for commercial purposes, while some allows you to use their images but appeal to you to give attribution (shout out) to the owner of the image.

But with platforms like:

You can use their images as you wish even without attribution, they have hundreds of beautiful and high quality images.

There are many other creative commons image websites out there, when you come across any of them always try to check their terms and conditions to know the permission you have to use their images.

3. Capture photos by yourself

Another way to get images for your creative works is to personally snap images by yourself.

If you have a good digital camera or your phone has a good camera you can use it to capture images and use them for your projects.

4. Create images for yourself

Another option is to create an image for yourself, if you are a graphic designer or know how to use any of the graphic tools like Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe creative suite, etc. you can create beautiful images to suit any of your creative works.

You can also combine images, illustrations, text, thwart it and produce something beautiful and unique.

Graphics tools like Canva offers great resources for creating professionally looking designs without having advance graphics skills.

Lately, I have been using canva for my design, I love the way they allow you to use their template to combine images and text to create unique designs.

When you are combining images and text to create your image on platforms like Canva, be sure the images you import from an external source are not copyright protected, if they are, you are still subject to violating someone easy copyright.

I hope this post has helped you learn more about how to find quality images without violating copyright.

Where do you get your images for designs? Are you going to try any of these source for images? Please share with us in the comments section.

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Emmanuel Onyewuchi

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