By now, everyone is aware that there are numerous online income opportunities. Particularly in light of the current high unemployment rate and the need to spend as much time at home as possible owing to the global epidemic and digital advancement, many individuals want to test this for themselves. They are discouraged from trying because of the risk of falling victim to an internet scam or failing.

So how can you prevent that?

Remember that there are no quick legitimate ways to make a lot of money, and you need to know exactly where to seek for opportunities to make some extra money online.  You must put in a lot of effort, just as with other ways to make money. Additionally, a thorough inspection is required before you begin working on any idea.

You’ll discover ethical and simple techniques to make money online in this article that are suitable for everyone. The best part is that all you need is a computer and an Internet connection—no upfront costs!

1. Try yourself as a Virtual Assistant.

The demand for virtual assistants is rising alongside the number of small firms looking to outsource routine jobs. It is fundamentally similar to performing personal assistant duties online. This is a good chance for you if you’ve ever wondered what that’s like!

The work may consist of:

  • Writing emails, creating content, etc.
  • Researching
  • Moderating comments

The pay for a virtual assistant ranges from $2 to $30 per hour, based on your qualifications, education, and experience.

2. Find gigs on Fiverr

One of the finest places to start making money online without having to pay anything is undoubtedly Fiverr. Any services that you are qualified to provide can be included on the website. Additionally, Fiverr is simple to use and was designed mostly for those who want to work from home.

If you’re not sure where to begin, search their marketplace for ideas; you’re sure to find something intriguing!

3. Create a YouTube channel.

You probably already know how frequently you see adverts on this site if you’re one of those people who spends a lot of time viewing YouTube videos (I’m personally very guilty of it). Why not join the fortunate individuals who profit from the system since each of them gives money to the creators?

Your YouTube channel may essentially be about anything. It depends on your personality and background. You can upload serious videos about different things you know a lot about or funny sketches if you feel like you could be a comedian. The most important thing is originality.

Once you have started, all you have to do is upload your videos on the site and monetize them with Adsense’s help.

It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a fancy camera and other accessories; for starters, your smartphone probably works just fine. You’ll be able to invest in video quality as your audience and income grow.

There are countless opportunities here; simply consider your strengths, which may include gaming or cooking.

4. Write articles.

Every day, different blogs, websites, and publishers want fresh content. Naturally, you’ll need fantastic writing talents as well as the capability to conduct online research before you can begin composing articles.

Some websites where you can look for such a job are listed below:

 Depending on its size, difficulty, and quality, a single piece may cost as little as $2 or as much as $100.

5. Get paid for taking online surveys.

That is a common strategy for making rapid money. Let’s talk about how internet surveys work.

Users are often paid by survey businesses to provide their opinions on a certain product. The biggest benefit of this approach is that it is simple and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge; some individuals might even find surveys amusing.

However, it’s essential to locate a reliable business. Prizerebel and Swagbucks are two sites that are worthwhile exploring.

Read the terms and conditions before you register with a survey website. This will not only help you determine how reliable the service is, but it will also ensure that you are eligible.

These websites occasionally only accept users from specific nations. Read the terms and conditions before you register with a survey website. This will not only help you determine how reliable the service is, but it will also ensure that you are eligible. These websites occasionally only accept users from specific nations.

6. Self-Publish books

When it comes to self-publishing the question most people have is?

Do I need to write the book myself, or can I hire someone to do it for me? What is self-publishing and how does it work? Who can do self-publishing?

Self-publishing simply means undergoing the task of making your book available for people to access without going through the middleman. The way self-publishing work is that a self-publisher also known as an Indie Author or Independent Author, can optimize self-publishing platforms such as Amazon KDP and Draft2Digital to make their book available to the global book market.

Anyone can do self-publishing, Steve Jobs’ autobiography was not published by a prestigious publishing house. It was self-published in order to appeal to his audience of Apple fanboys.

If you have some ebooks that you have written in the past, it’s time for you to optimise the world’s top online bookstore to reach more people with your ideas and make an extra income.

If you are not good at writing but wish to optimize the global online book industry, you can hire a ghostwriter to create your book or better still, buy a brandable private label-right ebook to you can rebrand and self publish.

Buying or hiring a ghostwriter for your ebook creation might cost you a few bucks, but that will be the only investment you will be making in your self-publishing business, because with free self-publishing tools like Amazon and Draft2digital, and designing tool like Canva you can get your books on global book store within few minutes.

I hope this post helps you discover different ways you can start making money online today with little or no upfront investment.

Which of these tips are you going to try for yourself? Share it in the comments section below.

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Emmanuel Onyewuchi

Emmanuel Onyewuchi aka Digitalchuksemma is an Ex Computer Engr/Instructor turned Digital Mentor, a minimalist, Wished to be a father to 3 Kids from a loving wife. He founded the Digital Optimizers Hub in 2021 to fix the problem of an outdated educational system and lack of ICT and digital adaptability by young Africans. He has thought hundreds and Thousands of students ICT and digital skills in the classroom and online. Currently, he is the CEO and Lead Trainer at Learnvale,com, the new school online for the next breed of digital optimizers and is on the mission to help 100,000 people optimize digital tools and resources to build a thriving business that enables a freedom lifestyle.


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