If you are going to be building online businesses landing page is one of those tools that you will need to understand and work with.

Developing the skills of building effective landing pages are parts of the things you need when it comes to building a business that can generate for you passive streams of income with little or no supervision from you.

In this post I’m going to explain landing page in the simplest way I can to you, my goal is to help you understand how you can start using this tool to build online experiences for your customers or potential customers which in turn will help you generate more sales, make more profits and grow your brand or business.

What is Landing page?

Actually, landing page is a Web Development term and concept, it’s simply a place people are transferred to when they click on a link anywhere in the online world.

Marketers only figured out how to use it to build online experience for their customers or potential customers.

Building online business requires that you deal with the world wide web this is one of the reasons you will be dealing with a web concept like landing page when you start to optimize the online world for brand or business.

For a Web developer, every page on the Web is a landing page in one way or the other, but for online marketers landing pages are specific, they are those pages that are used to communicate, present offers and direct customers or potential customers to taking profitable actions.

For instance, let’s say you as an online business owner and you are marketing your products or services on social media or you are running a paid campaign and you have designed your offer to be accessible online, to achieve your aim here what you need is to get the right tools and build web pages (landing pages) where you can communicate, present and give people directions on how they can access your offer.

This is how landing pages serve to help online marketers build their brand or business online.

There are different types of landing pages, they are used in different ways and for different reasons.

Let’s look at them.

Different types of landing pages

If you ask a Web developer about the different types of landing page you will definitely get a tone of them starting with Homepage, contact page, blog page, checkout page, cart page, payment page, course page, student page and so on.

Like I said earlier to a web developer every page is a landing page depending on how and when it is used.

But here we want to focus on the types of landing pages you will be working with when building funnels for your brand or business online, this type of landing page can help you build something that can be automated and still bring you the conversion and growth your business or brand aims for.

Other pages that you will be needing to build your online business or brand can be taking care of by some other tools that will be in your online business tool kit, but the laqnding page mentioned below are the once you have to carefully understand and use to build experiences for your customers and potential customers.

So let’s look at landing pages for constructing marketing funnel that can generate you passive income automatic.

1. Squeeze Page

you can see seqeuze pages like a web page that you can use to present your offer in a short and precise format and it can also be used to give direction on how to access an offer.

See example below:

If you are running an advertising campaign on social media may be through paid Ads, and let’s say you have an offer for your targeted audience but will want them to take a specific action before accessing the offer, Seqeuze page is what you will need.

2. Thank you page

Next is thank you page.

Thank you page is the page that tells people that their subscription to an offer was successful.

It’s also used to tell customers or potential customers on the next cause of action, like how to access the offer or what to do before or after accessing the offer they subscribed for.

Thank you page content is also determined by the type of opt-in you choose, either single or double opt-in.

thank you page

3. Confirmation page

The confirmation page is used to confirm subscriber to an offer or transaction.

When someone subscribes to your offer or buy something from you online and have gone through all the necessary process (opt-in) a confirmation page can be shown to them to confirm the output of their action, whether it was successful or failed.

You can also use a confirmation page to give access to offer.

confirmation page

4. Interest page

Interest page is used to prepare the mind of your potential customers on the offer they are about to access.

It can also be used to give direction on how to access an offer, all depending on the type of funnel you are building.

5. Sales page.

Sales page is made up of marketing copies and creatives of a business, brand, product or service.

Sales page is what is used to communicate to customers or potential customers about the products or services you are offering them, it’s simply a page that’s meant to sell things online.

For example, if you have a product or service that you want to offer to the public via online, what you will need is a Sales page.

On the Sales page, you can communicate to your potential customers what the products or services is all about, the problem its going to serve and possible how it’s going to transform their life.

Its where you answer all the objections and questions of your potential customer, like why they should buy your product and all the reasons why you think it will help them solve their problems or meet their needs or desires.

Sales pages can be in written format, video format or both combine, it can short or long all depending on the kind of funnel you are building.

sales page

These are the major landing page that can be used to build funnels that can bring in on a daily bases flow of customers or client to your business or brand.

Now, with all the knowledge you now have landing pages the question, you may be asking could be; how do I build landing pages for my offers?

The good thing is anyone can build landing pages, you don’t need to be a web developer to learn how to build landing pages, there are lots of clicks and drag stand-alone tools like click funnel, groove funnel, etc that can be used to build professional landing pages.

There are also page builder you can use to build professional landing page if you already have a web platform that is running on a content management system like WordPress, page builder tools page builder like Elementor, Thrive Architect, etc.

You can do your research to learn about landing page tool builders and choose the one that you are comfortable with and start building landing pages for your products and services.

Understanding landing page and other marketing concepts like marketing funnel, content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising etc can help you build an online business that can run on it own with little or no supervision.

How does it sound to build a business that required a little effort from you to keep running and generate revenue for you online, well you now know some of the marketing tactics you need to do that. 

I hope you have learnt a thing or two about landing page? if you found this post useful please endeavour to share it with your friends they might find it valuable and I will appreciate your kind gesture.

Let me know what you think, do you have landing pages for your business?

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