WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems on the internet, the platform is trusted by many big companies around the globe, companies like CNN, UPS, Microsoft, etc. use WordPress content management system to power their web platforms.

If you are planning to build your web platform with WordPress, it’s necessary you have a better understanding about WordPress.

There are two type of wordpress wordpress.com and wordpress.org.

In a previous post here i explained what WordPress is all about.

In this post you will learn more about the two types of WordPress platforms, their differences and some pros and cons of using any of them.

Let’s get started:

The two types of WordPress platform are:

1. WordPress.com

2. WordPress.org


The easiest way to explain  WordPress.com is that it’s a hosted WordPress platform.

What this means is that wordpress.com platform is already live on the internet when users decide to build a web platform with wordpress.com they don’t need to worry about hosting service (the act of making web platform available on the internet) all they need to do is sign up on wordpress.com platform and start using a platform that is already hosted (live on the internet.)

The WordPress.com platform was founded by Matt Mullenweg one of the founders of the WordPress content management system.

It was created to help users easily build web platform with WordPress content management system, which is created by the wordpress.org community, without taking the responsibility of managing web hosting and writing codes.

The idea with wordpress.com is to make it easier for people to easily set up a website or blog with WordPress.

Some of the benefits of building a web platform with wordpress.com are:

  • You can easily set up your website or blog by simply going over to wordpress.com and sign up with an email, once you are signed up you will be given access to start using the already hosted web platforms with tools and settings to create your website or blog.
  • Another benefit is that you don’t need money to start using the platform, because there’s a free plan of wordpress.com

But it also has some limitations, some of them include:

  • You can only manage the designs and looks of your website or blog with limited available tools and settings made available for you on the free plan.
  • You also have limited control over your website or blog and some other features, but with premium plans, you can get more advanced features and access.
  • There are restrictions, especially when it comes to monetizing your website or blog.


On the other hand, wordpress.org is the home of the WordPress content management system.

The entire framework of WordPress is managed by wordpress.org, it allows users to build a self-hosted WordPress web platform.

With WordPress.org users can self-host, manage and design their web platform using framework and tools developed by wordpress.org community.

WordPress.org is meant for people who wish to create a web platform that you can have full control over.

WordPress.org allows you to download, modify, install and use WordPress templates and tools on your own hosting for free.

The two main costs associated with building a professional web platform with wordpress.org are the hosting service and the domain name you have to register.

There are already community of developers that are developing templates and tools that can be used to build professional web platforms with WordPress.

There are also templates and tools both freemium and premium versions that can be used to build any kind of web platform wordpress content management system (CMS).

Major differences between  WordPress.com and wordpress.org

Hosted vs self-hosting

WordPress.com is already hosted, with it you can easily set up a site or blog that runs on WordPress content management system.

WordPress.org is where you can download framework, templates and tools which you can use to build site or blog on your own server.

To build a web platform with wordpress.com all you need is to sign up and start using already established platform, you need to buy a hosting plan, download and install WordPress framework, templates and tools from wordpress.org. Although, some hosting companies offer one-click WordPress installation.

Free and premium package

There are free and premium package on wordpress.com platform, the free version of wordpress.com allows you to easily build simple, but unprofessional site or blog, the free package gives you access to limited features and tools and with unbranded name eg. yourdomainname.wordpress.com, making your web platform unprofessional branded.

On wordpress.org, you will have to register or buy a unique domain name, this is another cost of self-hosting your WordPress web platform. But some hosting companies like Whogohost, which i recommend, offer one-year free domain name registration for domain names with the .com.ng extension when you buy a hosting plan with them.

Available tools for advance web platform development

WordPress.com have some restrictions when it comes to installing external plugins, this is a kind of striction that might limit creativity when it comes to website or blog designs.

On wordpress.org there are thousands of free templates and tools, and they can be downloaded and used without restriction.


The restrictions on WordPress.com makes it difficult for users to monetise their website or blog through ads placement.

On wordpress.org you have full control on the monetization of your web platform, you can develop and implement any strategy on monetization with your web platform if its self hosted.

Final thought

If you observed you will see to that I strongly recommend WordPress.org but the thing is if you are planning to create a site or blog just for fun and entertainment you can go with wordpress.com, but if you wish to make money with your website or blog, or use it professional ways, like as a public figure or as business, wordpress.org is the best option for you.

It’s not hard to self-host WordPress web platform these days, with little budget and guideline anyone can build a self host a WordPress web platform.

I hope this post helps you make better decisions on which type of wordpress platform to go for.

If you have questions, ask in the comments section below.

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