How do you build a freedom lifestyle kind of business? a kind of business that generates income regularly without sacrificing your time and freedom?

The answer to this question is automation and flexible workflow?

The good news is that with the right tools and resources online you can build an automated system online that allows you to manage your business on the go.

Building a business in the real world might require a lot of tools and machinery to keep things running, depending on the kind of business you are building, but in the online world what you need to keep your business running are tools which are also available in the form of Mobile Apps which makes flexible for you to work on a device you are most comfortable with.

Setting up the right tools will enable you create a kind of business that runs automatically with little or no effort from you, and the amazing thing with most mobile apps is that they allow you to synchronize your workflow from other devices like desktop, making it easier for you to fully access and manage your business.

I have collected a list of 15 Apps that can help you manage and automate different activities of your online business. 

Note: there are web versions of these apps, but in this article, I’m focusing on what you can do with the mobile versions.

  1. Lastpass

Running a business online requires signing up to too many accounts online, managing your password can sometimes be a big challenge.

Lastpass allows you to save and manage your credentials online, you can easily log in to your accounts by simply storing them in your LastPass account and enabling the autofill settings.

Lastpass will fetch and autofill your login details whenever needed, it makes it easy for you to access your different accounts online.

  1. Gmail

Gmail is definitely a must-have tool for your business, Gmail is probably the first account you should open once you are set to launch your business online.

There are other email service providers, but Gmail will definitely be preferable. Gmail gives you access to more tools when it comes to building an online business.

  1. Buffer 

Buffer is for social media management.

You can use it to post and schedule posts for up to 3 of your social media accounts for free.

This app gives you the flexibility to post to all your social media accounts from one spot.

You can use the tool to plan your daily or weekly post.

  1. Canva

Canva is your one-stop place for designs.

This amazing tool allows you to design all sorts of graphics for your business or brand, from social media posts, instagram stories, to book cover and logos.

It also has a library of templates, video, images, audio, graphics and elements that you can access to create contents and professional designs for your business.

It’s also becoming a great tool for social media marketing with its social media posting and scheduling features. 

With the canva mobile app you can design your graphics and social media content on the  go

  1. Whatsapp Business App

Whatsapp marketing is one marketing strategy a lot of businesses are paying less attention to, they seem not to understand the potential it has in growing business online.

The new Whatsapp Business App with its click to chat features makes it easier for small businesses to set up marketing funnel with Whatsapp.

If you are a small business owner and you are not doing Whatsapp marketing you are probably leaving money on the table.

  1. Paystack

Running business online means also carrying out transactions online, like receiving payment for service and goods sold, how all this could be possible is where paystack comes in.

Paystack helps you collect payment from your customers online, they offer businesses in Africa an easy and secure way to collect payment from their customers or clients online.

With your free account you can login to their app and manage transactions of your business from there.

  1. Facebook page manager/Facebook Business Suite

As at the time of writing this post, the Facebook page manager is undergoing an upgrade.

Facebook is releasing a new app that can enable business owners to manage their Facebook business page and Instagram business page in one place.

By the time you are reading this the Facebook page manager might have been renamed to Facebook Business Suite, but what this app does for you is that it enables you to manage every page you have administration access to on Facebook in one place.

As the new app tries to integrate with Instagram fully, it means you will be able to manage all your business tools on Facebook and Instagram in one app, that will be cool though.

  1. Facebook Ads Manager

Actually, it’s best to set up paid advertising on desktop, because a desktop browser gives you a full preview of all the settings you need to set up an effective campaign on any advertising platform online.

But with Facebook Paid advertising, you can set up things that needed to be done with a system and then manage other settings from the Facebook Ads Manager App

  1. Google Drive

Most people don’t even optimize their access  to Google Drive. With Google Drive you have free access to 15GB cloud storage, there’s a lot that can be stored in there.

One of the best uses of Google Drive is for the backup of your whatsapp business chat history, if you are marketing with a whatsapp business app, you don’t want to lose the contact of your customers and potential customers because you lost your phone.

  1. Google My Business App

Have you ever wondered how you could find businesses without a website online and even on Google map?

Google my business is a free online business listing by Google. Google my business enables both small, medium and large scale businesses to list their business on Google search engine platform for free.

If you are a location based business there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t list your business on Google my business, it’s free advertising for you online.

With Google my business you can add your business to Google map, publish posts, products or offer that potential customers can find when searching through google search engine.. 

The Google my business App Makes it easier for you to manage your free business listing on Google on the go.

  1. Bitly

When it comes to online business one of the top matrices you need to track is clicks, how and what people are clicking on your business. helps you shorten and track links for your business, this helps you keep check on your conversion on the go.

  1. Colornote

There are a lot of notepads on different app stores online. But the essence of notepad is to keep notes, records and also to document ideas for content creation depending on your online marketing strategy.

  1. Barter 

If you have issues paying for tools, products or services online like Facebook Ads, Google Ads or buying from international e-commerce stores like Amazon, etc barter could be your alternative solution.

Barter is a payment gateway service provider, they allow you to pay and receive money both in Us dollars. You can create and fund a mastercard in US dollar denomination allowing you to shop freely around the world.

They also have an online wallet you can use to pay bills and make local payments.

  1. Thunder VPN

If you need to access the Internet from a remote location from your mobile phone Thunder VPN is an option.

This App helps to connect you remotely to the Internet from different locations in the world.

Thunder VPN is only avialiable in Google playstore

  1. Google Doc

Google Doc is best for managing written content of your business, you can easily save your writings from the Google Doc App and access it from your desktop. This can ease the work flow from your phone and desktop.


These are the 15 apps on my list for now, I hope to add more to the list, so feel free to come back to see new apps that have been added.

As you can see there’s no Facebook, no Instagram, you were probably thinking they will make my list, but the thing is when it comes to managing business you don’t need all these social app, there are third part tools that will allow you effectively manage things on this platforms, for example with the new Facebook business suite we mentioned earlier you can publish post to facebook and instagram on one click, read your DMs and views insights of both pages in one place.

Your business phone, if you have one, should contain the necessary apps that will enable you to manage activities on the go and not apps that are capable of distracting your attention when you are trying to get things done on your business online.

pps mentioned here can be found on two of the major App stores online, Playstore and Apple store, you can download them for free and start making the best use of any of them.

What mobile apps are helping you manage the activities of your business from your phone?

Please share with us in the comments below.

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Emmanuel Onyewuchi

Emmanuel Onyewuchi aka Digitalchuksemma is an Ex Computer Engr/Instructor turned Digital Mentor, a minimalist, Wished to be a father to 3 Kids from a loving wife. He founded the Digital Optimizers Hub in 2021 to fix the problem of an outdated educational system and lack of ICT and digital adaptability by young Africans. He has thought hundreds and Thousands of students ICT and digital skills in the classroom and online. Currently, he is the CEO and Lead Trainer at Learnvale,com, the new school online for the next breed of digital optimizers and is on the mission to help 100,000 people optimize digital tools and resources to build a thriving business that enables a freedom lifestyle.


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