One of the things that make us human is not just our ability to read a post like this, but also our ability to find ideologies about life and stick to them.

Philosophies are perceptions about life, they entail ideologies in all facets of life, wealth, relationships, health, spirituality, etc it’s an opinion about life that has proven to be valid judging with a specific output.

It doesn’t matter where you are raised or how are you have been raised, ideologies are already part of our life, we think the way we think, act the way we act based on where we are born and who raised us.

But one of the amazing thing about being human this the idea of adulthood, a phase in life where you have the freedom to go out there to seek our own ways, to ask questions and redefine your philosophies about life.

About 3 years ago I made unconscious decision to go out in the world to become more to learn principles that I can use to build the foundation of my life and guess what I found some, it’s like the scripture that admonished us to seek and we will surely find.

I found a lot through reading books and post, listening and watching people who seem smarter and wiser than me through the Internet, let me share with you top 5 philosophies that I found and I’m working hard daily to build my life by, maybe you can find one to add to your own list of life principles.

1. You can get what you want in life if you help other people get what they want

This statement was made by the legendary Zig Ziglar.

In a world where everyone thinks of what they can get in every situation, this statement is changing how I conduct my life including things like your business.

This philosophy is rooted in the fact that humans are naturally selfish if you can hide your own challenges, of course, we have challenges, but if you can be strong enough to conceive your own struggles and challenges and focus on helping other people solve their own challenges, they will, in turn, go at length to make sure your own challenges are taken care of.

This is based on the law of retaliation.

It’s also what I understand about the scripture that said “the greatest among you shall be the servant of all

2. Relationship is all about giving

I think I got this philosophy from Tony Robbins.

This definitely is not my guide to getting into a relationship, putting into consideration what you wish from a partner is actually very necessary when trying to find a partner for a long term relationship.

But once you are in, the focus should be redirected to giving, understanding the fact that there is a lot that can be given apart from sex and money.

You know, in life you have to seek something first before other things can be added to you this is also applicable in relationships.

Imagine having two individuals in a relationship that buys into this philosophy, imagine how supportive and fulfilling the relationship will be.

And when I mean relationship here, I mean every kind of relationship you can think of.

3. To become more than you are you need to become more than you are

This is a line from one of my hero, Jim Rohn.

He also has one saying “income rarely exceeds personal development

The thing here is all the things we desire in life is possible for us but we need to become the type of person who is capable of having them, every great thing come with responsibility, you need to be responsible enough to manage the things you are asking for.

Understanding this has lifted me from the competitive way that I used to travel on and dropped me on a narrow way that I have to go through to become the kind of person my destiny requires me to be.

Life for me now is more about becoming a better version of myself, because it’s by becoming better that I can get to be valuable to the world around me and by so doing attained my destiny.

4. Live a good life and whatever happens, you will be fine

This philosophy was inspired by a quote by Marcus Aurelius a Roman philosopher, he said:

Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.”

In a world where everyone has an opinion about life and death, connecting to my spirituality and focusing on living a good life seem more of the right thing to do than living by people’s understand and blueprint about life.

I believe we are all connected to one energy but identified in different ways, connecting to God, the universe is always a personal thing that you only need guidance not blueprint from the world around you.

What the world needs to become a much better place, not religions, rather it needs people who are focused on living a good life.

I rather argue about virtues than talk about which religion is right or wrong.

5. Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you

There is an adage in my place, it’s more like another way to present this philosophy, it translates like this “before you pinch someone first pinch yourself

There are two ways to live with this philosophy.

First is by asking, this thing I’m about to do to this person will I be OK If someone does it to me.

Second is by asking how do I wish people to treat me and in what ways or similar ways can I treat people the way I wanted to be treated.

This is philosophy is changing how I approach life in general.

This is not a moral test for me, in fact, my understanding about this philosophy has made it look more of selfish approach to life, but how self can you be when on regular bases you are projecting the kind of energy you wish from the world around you.

6. As a man thinketh in his heart so is he

“As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” one of my favourite scripture.

Our thoughts make or break us, the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our thoughts.

It’s easy for our minds to slip into all that we wish to be that we are not and forget about all that we are that might not have been.

It’s easy for our mind to slip into everything that is going wrong around us instead of dwelling on the little things we can do to make the things around better.

The thing is if you start thinking about businesses from now, there are high chances that you will end up becoming a business mogul, if you start thinking about spirituality from now there is a higher chance that you will become a refined person in the nearest future, if you start thinking about health, relationships or freedom these things might be possible for you.

Also, If you start thinking of a balanced life there are chances that you can create one for yours.

This understanding of the power of our thoughts is changing my life.

And guess what? One of the hardest projects I’m currently working on in my life right now is managing my thoughts there are lots of negative thoughts waves out there, finding positive and meaningful thought waves to connect to will always be a work in progress which I’m highly committed it.

Life philosophies are not life blueprint that we must shape our life into, they are guiding principles that we can use to evaluate our actions in any given situation in life but at the end, we have the ultimate say over our life.

See if any of these philosophies about life can serve your purpose in life and if you have a list you will want to share with us feel free to share in the comments below, I might find some to add to my ever-growing list of life philosophies.

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Emmanuel Onyewuchi

Emmanuel Onyewuchi aka Digitalchuksemma is an Ex Computer Engr/Instructor turned Digital Mentor, a minimalist, Wished to be a father to 3 Kids from a loving wife. He founded the Digital Optimizers Hub in 2021 to fix the problem of an outdated educational system and lack of ICT and digital adaptability by young Africans. He has thought hundreds and Thousands of students ICT and digital skills in the classroom and online. Currently, he is the CEO and Lead Trainer at Learnvale,com, the new school online for the next breed of digital optimizers and is on the mission to help 100,000 people optimize digital tools and resources to build a thriving business that enables a freedom lifestyle.


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