Facebook is still the top social media platform in the world with over 2.7 billion active monthly users, they are also dominating the advertising world with their robust advertising system.

Their detailing targeting tools is superb, that makes them the go-to place for small business owners and entrepreneurs that are ready create marketing budget for their business. 

Despite the fact that Facebook is one of the cheapest way to finding new customers online, to increase sales and grow business online, most business owners and entrepreneurs are yet to start using Facebook Ads for their businesses.

Why? You many ask.

Why are most business owners ignoring the one opportunity to bridge the gap between their products and services and their ideal customers who are hanging out on the Facebook platform?

Well, among many reasons most people don’t understand the opportunities this tool present, some are still having the idea that they need bogus budget to get started, for some its because they don’t even have any strategy to try Facebook ads with. 

Advertising Opportunities on Facebook Ads Platform

Facebook ads platform has lots of opportunities for individuals when it comes to finding opportunities online and for business owners when it comes to finding customers online, with its large audience base and robust detailed targeting system, it’s possible for you to find the ideal customers for your business with Facebook ads, you are going to be targeting more detailed people, people who are likely to be interested in what you have to offer.  

To add to that, Facebook is the cheapest way to start finding customers online with paid advertising and it doesn’t require you to be a marketing expert to buy ads on Facebook ads platform. 

Being able to run ads on Facebook is about knowing how to click a button, having a good offer, a product that people want, knowing who your ideal customers are and for your budget, as low as N500 to N1000/day you can start running paid campaign on Facebook.

When you decide to start using Facebook ads to find new customers and grow your business, one other thing you will be needing is a Facebook campaign strategy.

How are you going to use Facebook ads campaigns to achieve your business goal and sell your products or services online?

Here are 6 different strategies you can choose for your first Facebook ads campaign launch.

6 Facebook Ads Campaign strategies

The strategy you choose will depend on your niche and also your access to available tools and resources to execute the strategy, but the good thing is there is always a strategy to start with regardless of the nature of your business. 

These strategies are effective and can easily double your revenue within a short period of time.

  1. Drive Traffic to WhatsApp Sales Funnel

WhatsApp is one of the cheapest ways to build sales funnel online, according to Facebook, The WhatsApp Business App, which was launched in late 2018 was built with small business owners in mind.

If you are a business owner or you are just getting started with entrepreneurship, maybe you don’t have your own Web platform yet (although I recommend you do sooner, your business can’t afford not to have its own space online ) you can also launch a Facebook ads campaign with the WhatsApp business app.

To do this all you need to do is Download and install WhatsApp business app from your favorite app store and set it up with your business phone number.

The new WhatsApp business app, has a features that makes WhatsApp suitable for online marketing like building a sale funnel system with tools like Facebook ads, the new whatsapp business app come short link features, your WhatsApp unique link, the click to chat link.

The WhatsApp unique link allows your ideal customers to send you direct messages from anywhere online with just click on your unique link.

With any of the WhatsApp messenger versions (personal or business ap) your potential customers can have direct access to chat you up directly without having to go through the process of saving your number and searching you on WhatsApp.

This Is different from the group link, where people can click on your link to join a group, with the WhatsApp unique link your ideal customers can easily click to chat you directly on WhatsApp, this is makes WhatsApp one of cost effective to build sales system online for low budget business owners.

You can optimizing your WhatsApp unique  link on your social media profile and your content posting online, but your unique link is what you will optimize in paid campaign on Facebook also.

You can get your unique WhatsApp link from your WhatsApp business app, setting -business – shortlink

And you can use it in your Facebook ads campaign.

Now you can see how cheap this strategy can be, the WhatsApp business tool is free, all you need is your daily budget and you can start reaching new people with your offer.

For the Facebook campaign for this strategy, you can use the boost post method with your unique WhatsApp link Share this with my students in my New Facebook Ads Course, or you can choose a message campaign, just make sure your WhatsApp business is connected to your Facebook business page.

  1. Facebook message bot

The Facebook messenger bot is another strategy you can use to start reaching new ideal customers with a little budget with Facebook ads.

The Facebook messenger bot will enable you build a subscriber base of people who are interested in your products or offer, this is like win potiential customers for life and you can engage with customers with sequence messages and a more robust automatic chat flow, it is amazing what you can do with pre-programmed messages on Facebook.

Once an ideal customer starts a conversation with you on your Facebook messager, you can set up your chatbot to send automated messages and the open rate is amazing.

Since most people are conveniently chatting on Facebook messenger you will get a high open-rate on messenger. More open rate means more people will seeing your offer.

To build your chatbot on Facebook is also easy, you can build your chatbot with a free account on a platform like ManyChat and with a little budget, you can start driving traffic to your messenger bot with Facebook advertising.

For the Facebook campaign, you can choose a message campaign, and then optimize your chatbot link in your ads.

  1. Drive traffic to squeeze page

This is also relatively cheap way to start growing your business online with Facebook ads.

A squeeze page is simply a type of sales page that you can use to collect contact details  (leads) from your ideal customers, it’s one effective way to build a digital asset like Email list with Facebook Ads.

You may need to present a lead magnet ( which is a little bribe you can exchange for your customers’ contact details)

Building a squeeze page to collect leads from your customers may be a little technical, but it’s quite very easy to build a sales page like squeeze page today, you don’t need to learn coding to build web pages today.

While you will have to create your lead magnet for this strategy (which can be in the form of ebook, video, mini-course, etc, you can start with a free plan on most email tools like Mailchimp or Convertkit to manage and communicate to your potential customers.

With this kind of strategy, you can collect contact details of your ideal customers, nurture them and build trust with them through email campaigns like email sequence or regular email sending. 

You don’t need a bogus budget to start a lead generation campaign as I mentioned earlier you can start with free email tools which also come with a landing page builder that you can use to create a squeeze page with a subscribe form, and also a system to manage and send email campaigns to your converted leads.

All you need is to create a free account on any of these email tools, create your squeeze page and get the link of your squeeze and you can use it on your ads campaign set up.

For your Facebook ads campaign, choose a conversion base campaign, you can target a custom audience or lookalike of your converting customers or a well-researched target audience.

An alternative to building email lists with a squeeze page is using the lead generation campaign in the Facebook campaign option, with the Facebook lead generation campaign you will have to integrate an email marketing system to be able to retrieve your email from Facebook and enable you to communicate to your leads, Facebook only takes care the lead capturing for you, this might require a little technical experience to integrate.

  1. Build engagement and then retarget your engagements

There are different ways to use this strategy, you can use it for Product Launch, eCommerce or Learning Management System.

This strategy is best used on your own platform, on a platform you have maximum control over, like on your self hosted WordPress site.

On the Facebook Ads Manager, there is a feature known as Pixel, with the Facebook pixel you can track activities of websites traffic either on your Website, App and even Offline.

When you have the Facebook Pixel set up on your website, you can run an awareness campaign, your awareness campaign can be any campaign that will encourage engagement and build rapport with your target audience, it can be promoting entertaining, informative or educational content.

This campaign is not intended to sell anything (convert your ideal customers), your goal with this campaign is to start an awareness experience with your ideal customers from a place of fun and value-adding.

Once your ideal customers engage with you, when next they see your ads, it can be a paid product or service from you, they won’t feel like they are dealing with a stranger.

This strategy helps you deal with the issue of trust when selling online.

The best way to sell online is to first build trust, once your ideal customers trust you, it will become easier for them to buy from you.

For the Facebook ads campaign for this strategy, you will need to create 2 campaigns.

  1. The awareness campaign 

  2. And Retargeting Campaign 

On the first campaign, you can choose awareness campaign for this, or you can boost a blog post, or offer a lead magnet, once people come to your website you can track them with Facebook pixel and then create a custom audience to target them, this time you can use a conversion base campaign to target the custom audience you will be creating with the help of pixel tracking on your website.

  1. Drive traffic to a product page

This is quite simple, if you have a page online where your product is listed, you can drive traffic to it.

You can create a product page with your woo-commerce, if you don’t have your own eCommerce site, you can create a product page on any free eCommerce store, if you are in Nigeria, you can use Paystack to list and sell your products or services online.

Paystack recently launched a product page feature for business owners who are using their payment gateway to sell their products and services online.

You can easily create a Paystack account, then create a product page in your Paystack account. With the product page link, you can drive traffic to your product page on the Paystack products pages platform.

On your Facebook ads campaign, you can choose a conversion base campaign and target a detailed targeted audience or custom audience of your converting customers.

The con of this strategy is that, if you are hoping to track data of your store visitors it can be difficult since the whole transaction is happening on other people’s platforms, you can find out if your favorite online store has option for you to install pixel so that your can track the activities of your web store visitors.

  1. Drive traffic directly to a sales page

A sales page is any Web page that is created for conversion. Any page that is created to request profitable actions from the user is a sales page.

This is one of the most common ways most people sell online today. To me, I don’t see this as a growth strategy, it doesn’t comply with the act of building trust with potential customers before selling to them.

But it can be effective when targeting an already engaged audience.

On creating a sales page, you can use a page builder like Elementor or sales page builder like Thrive Architect, to create a sales page in your self hosted WordPress site.

There are other ways to build sales pages online.

If you are on a budget you can check out Clickfunnel, it’s about $97  Clickfunnel  a month, Clickfunnel offers business and entrepreneurs everything they need to sell online, rated as one of the best platforms to build funnels online.

If you are on a low budget you can start with free funnel builder tools like Groovefunnel.

Groovefunnel allows you to build 3 full-stack websites online on your custom domain name, all for free. All you need to do is buy your custom domain and you can start building sales pages with groove funnel.

Another way to build a sales page is with email marketing tools like Mailchimp and Convertkit, you can use the page builder feature in your email marketing tool to build a sales funnel.

Once your sales page is set up online you can drive traffic to the sales page with a conversion-based campaign.

Your target audience can be your custom audience, a lookalike audience, detailed research targeted audience.

I will like to hear from you, which of these strategies are you going to try on your business, share with us in the comment section.

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